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  • European Women’s Forum 2018

    European Women's Forum 2018

    [Brussels, 21 June 2018] Last week we organised our second European Women’s Forum, a dynamic four-day feminist event organised by and for European Women’s Lobby members. Participants came together to celebrate the successes, hear inspiring stories from movement leaders, and participate in interactive awareness-raising actions. This year’s focus was on women (RE)shaping power!
    The Forum saw us launching our 50:50 Women For Europe, Europe for Women campaign to achieve equal representation of (...) Read more

  • Five emergency motions adopted by EWL’s General Assembly 2018

    Five emergency motions adopted by EWL's General Assembly 2018

    [Brussels, 21 June 2018] On 9 June 2018, EWL members adopted five Emergency Motions at our annual General Assembly. These motions, put forward to the General Assembly by National Coordinations or European Wide Members, call on EWL and its members to take actions and position on a number of issues that are of strong importance to women’s rights. We adopted five emergency motions different questions, including on childcare, anti-feminist extremism and populism, women and girls impacted by the (...) Read more

  • French feminist Gwendoline Lefebvre new President of the European Women’s Lobby

    French feminist Gwendoline Lefebvre new President of the European Women's Lobby

    [Brussels 20 June 2018] Last week Gwendoline Lefebvre was elected as our new President for the period 2018 to 2020, succeeding Edith Schratzberger-Vecsei from the Medical Women’s International Association. Lefebvre works in the private sector as a market research manager and holds a mandate as Deputy Mayor in the 9th district of the City Lyon in charge of equality between women and men, citizen’s rights and the fight against discrimination and people with a disability. She has been a Board (...) Read more

  • New President, Executive and Board for European Women’s Lobby

    New President, Executive and Board for European Women's Lobby

    [Brussels, 12 June 2018] From 8-10 June 2018, the European Women’s Lobby held its Annual General Assembly and Board meetings. It was an exciting few days in which we discussed how to progress in the implementation of our vision of a Feminist Europe. We reflected on the activities of the past year and were are once again reminded of the incredible breadth and depth of feminist activism in Europe today, in spite of the challenging backdrop of dramatic political change. We looked ahead to plan (...) Read more

  • European Women’s Lobby launches campaign to (RE)shape power in the European Union

    European Women's Lobby launches campaign to (RE)shape power in the European Union

    [Brussels, 8 June 2018] Yesterday, the European Women’s Lobby launched its campaign for the 2019 European Parliament elections. Even though achieving equality between women and men is an official goal of the European Union and enshrined in its Treaties as a fundamental principle, gender equality has not been realised and women are still seriously under-represented in power and decision-making.
    After the 2014 EU elections, only 37% of the MEPs were women and this number has since decreased. (...) Read more

  • OPEN LETTER Time for the EPSCO Council to adopt a position on the EU Work-Life Balance directive

    OPEN LETTER Time for the EPSCO Council to adopt a position on the EU Work-Life Balance directive

    [Brussels 20 June 2018] The European Women’s Lobby co-signed a letter to call on the Members States to approve the Work Life Balance directive tomorrow at the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council Meeting (EPSCO) and to work towards making a more social Europe a reality. The Directive on family related leave, among others, covers legislative measures on parental leave, paternity leave, carer’s leave (first time such a form of leave is introduced into European law) and (...) Read more

  • European Coalition to end Violence against Women: Joint Statement

    European Coalition to end Violence against Women: Joint Statement

    [Brussels 13th June 2018] On the first anniversary of the signature of the Istanbul Convention by the European Union (EU), the European Coalition to end Violence against Women and Girls releases a statement calling on the EU and all member states to urgently ratify and implement the Istanbul Convention.
    The European Coalition to End Violence against Women and Girls is an extensive strategic alliance of more than 25 cross-European human rights and social justice civil society organisations (...) Read more

  • #Twittertakeover European Commission DG Economy and Finance

    #Twittertakeover European Commission DG Economy and Finance

    [Brussels, 30 May 2018] On Tuesday, 22 May from 14:00-16:00 CET we took over the Twitter account of the European Commission’s DG Economy and Finance in the run-up to this year’s Brussels Economic Forum, the flagship annual economic event of the European Commission. The conference brings together European and international policymakers, opinion leaders, academics, civil society and business leaders to debate hot economic topics and share new perspectives on Europe’s economic challenges.
    You (...) Read more

  • Women (RE)shaping Power

    Women (RE)shaping Power

    [Brussels, 15 May 2018] We are happy to announce that our second flagship Women’s Forum in Brussels is coming up with an opening event on 7 June 2018. This year’s edition, in recognition of the upcoming European Elections will address the theme of “Women ReShaping Power”. Over 100 leading women’s rights activists from the EWL membership across Europe will be in Brussels to participate. This will form an important part of our efforts to build momentum towards the 2019 European Election.
    We will (...) Read more

  • POLITICO Women’s Summit 21 June

    POLITICO Women's Summit 21 June

    [Brussels, 15 May 2018] World leaders and key influencers are making gender equality and women’s empowerment top priorities at this year’s G7 Summit in Canada. In 2018, gender equality is no longer a goal but a fundamental human right - with real financial, social and policy consequences for leaders and stakeholders.
    European Women’s Lobby is glad to support the first Women Rule Summit organised by POLITICO in Brussels on June 21. Join us as we debate women’s leadership and gender equality in (...) Read more


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