Our membership

EWL European policy and aims are designed to clearly reflect and respond to the needs of women on the ground. To ensure this, the membership of the EWL comprises multiple layers, within both a geographical framework and representing specific groups (such as women lawyers, trade unionists, etc.). While only this first level of membership has voting rights (called ’full members’), their members can benefit from direct two-way information flows to and from the European level.

The levels of EWL membership are:

  • Full membership;
  • Supporting membership;

The full members of the EWL are the only member associations with voting rights. The full membership consists of:

At national level, the direct EWL membership consists of National Co-ordinations (1 per country), active for advocacy at national level.

Currently, the EWL has national co-ordination organisations in 30 countries within the EU and in candidate countries. The EWL also has European and International member organisations, which are active in specific fields at European and International level. Today the EWL has 19 European and International Non-Governmental member organisations. There are more than 2,000 member organisations directly represented by EWL.

As these organisations are very diverse, the EWL does not follow any particular political, economic, religious or philosophical doctrine. In all areas, member organisations must reach a consensus if they wish to implement joint actions.

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