Statements podium These Statements lay out the EWL position on topical matters.

  • EWL Brief on the Stockholm Programme (January 2010)

    The Stockholm Programme aims to define the framework for EU policy in the area of freedom, security and justice for the period 2010–2014. It was adopted by EU Heads of State and Government at the Summit in December 2009. The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) brief on the adopted text aims at providing general comments on the adopted text under the Swedish Presidency, but also key recommendations to be included in the action plan of the Stockholm programme in order to ensure that a women’s rights (...) Read more

  • European Women’s Lobby 12 Priorities for the Spanish Presidency of the European Union (December 2009)

    On 01 January 2010, The Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU) will pass from Sweden to Spain. The European Women’s Lobby (EWL), with more than 2500 member organisations the largest association of women’s organisations in the EU, calls on the Spanish Presidency to continue to be a driving force for women’s rights in Europe and in particular, to ensure the consistent and effective implementation of European Union legislation guaranteeing equality between women and men, including (...) Read more

  • EWL Statement on the EU conference on male violence against women (9 November 2009)

    In light of the Conference on Strategies to Combat Male Violence Against Women organised by the Swedish Presidency of the EU on 9 November in Stockholm, the EWL and its Centre on Violence against Women issued a Statement calling on the Swedish presidency to initiate a European strategy on all forms of male violence against women.
    Women’s NGOs welcome the conference as a strong political will to bring into light male violence against women, but regret that many civil society organisations (...) Read more

  • EWL, WIDE & UNIFEM joint event report on women and migration (4 November 2009)

    Event report from the joint conference on "Women and Migration in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States", Brussels, 04 November 2009).
    This event report includes a summary of the recommendations which were put forward in the high-level discussion organised by various UN entities in Geneva, and at the follow-up discussion in Brussels. The report also highlights the work of the EWL, WIDE and UNIFEM on women and migration through 2010.
    Download the (...) Read more

  • Women’s NGOs call on the Swedish Presidency to initiate a European strategy on all forms of male violence against women (November 2009)

    On 9 November, the Swedish Presidency of the European Union will be holding a conference on strategies to combat men’s violence against women in Stockholm. The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) warmly welcomes this initiative which shows a strong political will to address male violence against women with a European perspective.
    When including all forms of violence against women, 45% of all women in Europe have been subjected to and suffered from men’s violence. One in 5 women in Europe has been (...) Read more

  • EWL Response to the Consultation on the Roadmap for equality between women and men 2006-2010 and follow-up strategy (October 2009)

    This document represents the response of the European Women’s Lobby to the Consultation on the Roadmap for equality between women and men 2006-2010 and follow-up strategy. The response has been drafted on the basis of a questionnaire sent to EWL member organisations. Contributions by other related organisations have also been used, including those from WIDE and the International Planned Parenthood Federation.
    The document is divided in two parts: Part I contains the EWL replies to the (...) Read more

  • Women, the Financial and Economic Crisis - the Urgency of a Gender Perspective (September 2009)

    The European Women’s Lobby (EWL), the largest coalition of women’s organisations in the European Union (EU), urges policy makers at all levels of decision making to recognise women’s role in shaping the post crisis framework which, one year after the collapse of the financial markets, continues to ignore the gender impact of the crisis on the real lives of women and men.
    The initial crisis and subsequent recovery plans at different levels – European, national and international (G20) – have (...) Read more

  • EWL Contribution: European Legislation on Gender Equality in Insurance Services (July 2009)

    Contribution on the implementation of Article 5 of Directive 2004/113 on gender equality in relation to goods and services prepared by the European Women’s Lobby, the AGE Platform and the Belgian consummers’ organisation Test-Achats/Test-Aankoop for the European Commission Forum on the implementation of this Article
    Directive 2004/113 lays down a framework for combating discrimination based on sex in the access to and supply of goods and services. Article 5 of the Directive, however, (...) Read more

  • Women’s NGOs call on the Council of Europe to move towards a strong instrument on Violence against Women (April 2009)

    The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) and the European Policy Action Centre on Violence against Women (EPAC VAW) welcome the start of the Ad Hoc Committee on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (CAHVIO).
    During the first meeting of the Committee (6-8 April), delegations of the 47 Council of Europe countries discussed the scope and content of the new Convention. As stated in the CAHVIO Synopsis of the meeting report , the EWL and EPAC VAW support that “the (...) Read more

  • EWL contributes to European Youth Forum Publication on ’Racism and its impact on Young People’ (2008)

    Amandine Bach contributed to the European Youth Forum Report 2008: ’Racism and its impact on young people: call for a renewed youth commitment’
    When analysing the situation of young women and men facing racism, it is essential to take into account that the discrimination they face is not only because of their ethnic background, their gender identity or their age. Instead, the discrimination comes from the interrelation of these axes of oppression. A 2008 Eurobarometer7 shows that (...) Read more


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