Daniela Pichler - Policy & Campaigns Director

Daniela Pichler - Policy & Campaigns Director


Daniela brings extensive experience campaigning for social change, human rights and environmental justice organisations for almost 15 years to the team. When working in a small development NGO in India 14 years ago, she was able to set up the first women empowerment section at HRDC in Cochin, Kerala and had the pleasure to visit the then secretary and now leader this year just before she took up her role with EWL in March 2018 – it comes full circle.

She fiercely believes in feminist leadership and women’s power as active agents of change and is convinced that together we have the power to create a more just, respectful and inclusive society.

Women’s rights are her passion, and so is deploying innovative campaigns, developing policy strategies and leading successful, committed teams. She has been working with national and international NGOs such as Greenpeace, Four Paws international and Amnesty international, which has allowed her to become a global campaigning, policy and communications expert. Throughout her career and personal life, she has been focusing on human and in particular on women’s & LGBTQI rights. Thanks to this and to her international experience she has developed a holistic, diverse and optimistic view concerning the challenges we face and a strong intersectional perspective.

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