Statements podium These Statements lay out the EWL position on topical matters.

  • New EU Strategy for Gender Equality: Some Initial Comments (September 2010)

    New EU Strategy for Gender Equality: Some Initial Comments (September 2010)

    The European Commission on 21 September 2010 released its five year Strategy for Equality between Women and Men 2010-2015 to follow-up on the Roadmap 2006-2010. The EWL has welcomed this new document, while at the same time is eager to ensure that the political messages of the Strategy will be transformed into concrete and binding measures and legislation which go beyond the Women’s Charter launched by the Commission in March this year.
    Positive novel elements outlined by the Strategy are: (...) Read more

  • Amendments on recast Asylum Qualification Directive (September 2010)

    The EWL, in cooperation with Asylum Aid and ILGA-Europe, on 15 September 2010 wrote to Jean Lambert, Green MEP and Rapporteur on the recast EC Qualification Directive, with recommendations on how to ensure the recast Directive is gender-sensitive.
    Dear Ms Lambert,
    As you know, the European Women’s Lobby (EWL), Asylum Aid and ILGA?Europe are deeply committed to ensure the right of women asylum?seekers to seek and be granted protection in Europe. Our respective NGOs have been active at the (...) Read more

  • EWL-ENoMW Contribution to Second European Agenda on Integration (August 2010)

    The European Network of Migrant Women and the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) have been closely following integration policies at the local, regional, national and European level. We have focused our work on the gendered dimension of integration policies and have strived to ensure that integration policies lead to an improvement of migrant women’s lives. We aim to bring to this debate the experience of migrant women’s and women’s organisations on the ground.
    You will find below 10 key (...) Read more

  • EWL response to the European Commission’s Green Paper "Corporate governance in financial institutions and remuneration policies" (August 2010)

    In this document, the EWL argues that women are affected heavily and disproportionately by the economic and financial crisis. Although not being responsible for the causes of the crisis, they have come out as the main victims. Ensuring equal access to, and influence over, the work of the financial institutions to both women and men is a matter of justice and democracy and the EWL therefore states that quotas for the highest levels of economic decision-making should be implemented in Europe. (...) Read more

  • EWL contribution to the JLS consultation on an EU strategy to combat all forms of male violence against women (July 2010)

    The EWL’s Centre on Violence against Women has submitted its Contribution to the European Commission Consultation on a possible future EU Strategy to combat violence against women (VAW) initiated by EC Directorate General Justice, Freedom and Security. The Contribution covers the main points of EWL’s position and demands in the context of male violence against women; it highlights the structural character of VAW, rooted in inequality between women and men, the need to focus on all forms of (...) Read more

  • EWL contribution to the EC proposal for a Directive on preventing and combating trafficking in human beings, and protecting victims (June 2010)

    Prepared by the European Women’s Lobby Centre on Violence against Women
    The European Women’s Lobby welcomes the European Commission’s proposal for a new directive on trafficking in human beings, as this legal instrument aims at further approximating legislation and penalties, ensuring successful prosecution of perpetrators, better protection of and assistance to victims, and prevention of trafficking. The EWL particularly welcomes the focus on measures to assist, support and protect victims, (...) Read more

  • Sport and Prostitution: Enough is Enough! (June 2010)

    It is World Cup time once again, and already the media attention devoted to the competition and its surroundings has been huge, including regarding how to entertain male fans and athletes outside of the stadiums. Estimates have circulated about how many brothels were being set up near stadiums, how many prostitutes were ’mobilised’ within the host country or coming/being brought in for the event, exactly how many condoms were being stockpiled and distributed, etc. For the European Women’s (...) Read more

  • The Spanish Presidency of the EU and Male Violence against Women (June 2010)

    When Spain took over the rotating Presidency of the European Union (EU) on 1 January 2010, expectations were high for progress in terms of European action for women’s rights. The government of José-Luis Zapatero put gender equality high on the national agenda, and its promise to do likewise in Brussels was warmly welcomed by the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) and its thousands of member organisations from across Europe.
    The Spanish Presidency chose to tackle the promotion of gender equality in (...) Read more

  • Barroso II and Women’s Rights (June 2010)

    On the occasion of International Women’s Day earlier this year, European Commission President Jose-Manuel Barroso announced with great fanfare a ‘Women’s Charter’, a political document reiterating the strong commitment of his new Commission to promoting women’s rights and making gender equality a reality for all women and men living in the EU. Simultaneously, Mr. Barroso presented the European Commission’s proposal for the ten year ‘Europe 2020’ strategy, perhaps the most important framework (...) Read more

  • EWL Statement of Concern on Sexism and Stereotyping of Women in Danish Advertising (April 2010)

    The European Women’s Lobby, the largest umbrella organisations of women’s associations in the European Union, notes with great concern the prevalence of sexism and stereotyped images of women in Danish advertising and calls on the Danish Ombudsman for Commerce to take immediate and effective action to implement European legislation guaranteeing women’s rights and gender equality.
    The European Women’s Lobby (EWL), representing more than 2500 women’s organisations from 30 European countries, has (...) Read more


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