Reports magnifying glass simple EWL in-depth analysis reports provide a solid basis for policy advocacy on gender equality in Europe.

  • ‘Equal Rights. Equal Voices. Migrant women’s integration in the labour market in six European cities: A comparative approach’ (2012)

    ‘Equal Rights. Equal Voices. Migrant women's integration in the labour market in six European cities: A comparative approach' (2012)

    [Brussels, 05 April 2012] Targeted national and local policies make a difference in integrating migrant women to the labour market, reveals a new study by the European Women’s Lobby and the European Network of Migrant Women. These policies include, among other things, developing efficient systems for recognition of qualifications obtained by migrant women in third countries and the possibility of top-up training opportunities for those lacking certain competencies.
    The study points out that (...) Read more

  • Women on Boards in Europe: From a Snail’s Pace to a Giant Leap? (2012)

    [Brussels, 29 February 2012] Decisive intervention makes a difference in increasing the representation of women in company boards, reveals the European Women’s Lobby’s new report on progress, gaps and good practice as regard to women on boards in Europe.
    The report, entitled ‘Women on Boards in Europe – From a Snail’s Pace to a Giant Leap?’ assessess the current situation and progress in ten European countries. It provides a comprehensive overview of the measures adopted in the recent years at (...) Read more

  • Lobbying Kit - EU Directive on the right to family reunification in Europe: What is at stake for migrant women? (January 2012)

    [Brussels, 18 January 2012] In the context of the European Commission public consultation on the right to family reunification, the European Network of Migrant Women and the European Women’s Lobby have launched a lobbying campaign that calls for gender-sensitive EU policies on family reunification.
    The ENoMW and the EWL have produced a Lobbying Kit that helps organisations and individuals to get involved. The Lobbying Kit provides useful background information, and it offers several tools (...) Read more

  • European Women’s Voice - Autumn 2011: ‘The other half of gender: feminism and men’s role in achieving equality’ (December 2011)

    [Brussels, 23 December 2011] In October 2011, the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) organised an inaugural seminar on the topic of men and feminism, which provided a forum for reflection on masculinities, anti-feminism, initiatives of feminist men and equality policies involving men. The aim of the seminar was to update ourselves on current thinking and action concerning men’s role in the struggle for gender equality, and to consider how we can work together to bring about a society founded upon (...) Read more

  • Her Future... What’s it worth to you? (November 2011)

    The EWL is delighted to announce the launch of its latest publication: ‘Her Future... What’s it worth to you?’. This report highlights the range of activities undertaken by the EWL and its members at local, regional, national, European and international levels over 2010-2011 and appeals for support for the cause of women’s rights and gender equality in Europe. Please consider what these values are worth to you and support the work of the EWL by becoming a Friend of the EWL and joining in our (...) Read more

  • Family Reunion Legislation in Europe: Is it Discriminatory for Migrant Women? (2011)

    family reunification enomw 2011
    Eleonore Kofman
    Social Policy Research Centre
    Middlesex University, UK
    © 2011 European Network of Migrant Women
    Project coordinator: Selmin Çali?kan, European Women’s Lobby
    Graphic design: Leanda E. Barrington-Leach, European Women’s Lobby
    Cover photo: Dietmar Temps, Flickr
    Download the publication in PDF format: Read more

  • EWL Barometer: National Action Plans on Violence against Women in the EU (August 2011)

    The European Women’s Lobby is pleased to unveil its 2011 Barometer on National Action Plans (NAPs) on violence against women.
    Thanks to the work and expertise of the experts to the EWL Observatory on violence against women, the EWL has produced a strong policy document analysing NAPs on violence against women.
    The Barometer aims to take stock of existing NAPs, voice NGO satisfaction with the consultation process held by their government when drafting/implementing/evaluating the NAPs, and (...) Read more

  • European Women’s Voice - Spring 2011

    The EWL in June 2011 published the inaugural edition of its e-magazine, the European Women’s Voice. The fist issue of this thematic publication was dedicated to Violence against Women, and its dissemination corresponded with the Annual Conference of the EWL on this same theme.
    Editorial by Rada Boric, member of the Executive Committee of the EWL
    It is a great pleasure for me, on behalf of all members of the European Women’s Lobby (EWL), to introduce to you the very first edition of the (...) Read more

  • Preventing Undocumented Women and Children from Accessing Health Care: Fostering Health Inequalities in Europe

    undocumented migrant women access to healthcare report ep hearing dec 2010
    This report highlights the presentations and discourse which took place during the public hearing on 8
    December 2010, in the European Parliament on “Preventing Undocumented Women and Children from
    Accessing Health Care: Fostering Health Inequalities in Europe”. The event was coordinated by the European
    Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN), European Women’s Lobby (EWL), Médecins du Monde (MdM), and the
    Platform for International (...) Read more

  • FEM21 - 21st Century Feminist (2010)

    On the ocasion of its 20th anniversary, the EWL has released a magazine exploring the meaning of feminism in the 21st Century. With a wide variety of contributions addressing a range of topical issues, this magazine makes a fascinating read.
    The European Women Lobby: 20 years of Feminist Activism
    I’m not a feminist, but..., by Gaby Hinsliff
    The ‘New Feminists’: interview with Kat Banyard
    Letter: Living Feminism as a Young 21st Century Woman
    If you’re (...) Read more


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