Reports magnifying glass simple EWL in-depth analysis reports provide a solid basis for policy advocacy on gender equality in Europe.

  • EWL-Asylum Aid Practical Advocacy Guide on Gender and Asylum (November 2007)

    Women’s experiences of political activities and persecution may differ from those of men. The concept of both politics and persecution have historically been interpreted by States through a framework of male experiences, thus often excluding women’s political opinions on gender roles as well as acts of gender-based violence and/or discrimination by either the State or non-State actors. Without integrating a gender perspective throughout the asylum process, the adherence to a male adult (...) Read more

  • Reality Check: When Women’s NGOs Map Policies and Legislation on Violence against Women in Europe (February 2007)

    In 1995 at the Fourth World Conference on Women, all Member States of the European Union made commitments to address the issue of violence against women. They also agreed that together as the European Union, they shared responsibility for this issue and correspondingly would develop European strategies to combat violence against women. The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) carried out an evaluation of Member States progress one year following the 4th World Conference on Women in which it emerged (...) Read more

  • Annual report 2006

    Fifty years of the European Union
    Fifty Fifty for Women and Men?
    For the European Union 2006 was a year of commitments
    in the area of equality between women and men. Although
    there was no really groundbreaking step, decision-makers in
    the different institutions adopted strategies and documents,
    which will potentially make a difference to the life of European
    women. Read more

  • Equal Rights, Equal Voices. Migrant Women in the European Union (2007)

    This publication is the result of a three-day event
    “ Equal Rights, Equal Voices - Migrant women in
    the European Union ” organised by the European
    Women’s Lobby in Brussels. A European public
    Seminar, gathering women leaders within migrant
    communities across Europe and other actors active
    in the fi eld of immigration, took place on the 19th
    of January 2007. This was followed by workshops in
    closed sessions where the migrant women had the
    full opportunities to debate around key integration (...) Read more

  • Annual report 2005

    During 2005, we in EWL, along with millions
    of women all over the world, were happy
    to celebrate one of the great achievements
    of the global women’s movement, the 10th
    anniversary of the Beijing Platform for
    Action (BPfA). The comprehensive review
    that we carried out of the implementation of
    commitments made by the European Union of
    the BPfA and of the Millennium Development
    Goals, brought us face to face with some of the
    very harsh realities of women’s lives in Europe
    and globally. This (...) Read more

  • The Links Between Prostitution and Sex Trafficking. A Briefing Handbook (2006)

    The handbook may be used as a resource for writing, for education, for work with women and men who wish to combat trafficking and to curb the growth of the sex industry, whether locally or globally. It can also be used as an information resource for those dealing with media – many of whom fail to focus on the essential ‘ demand ’ factor, preferring instead to keep their gaze on the woman in prostitution or provide a partisan voice for those who promote the alleged “ right to prostitute ” and (...) Read more

  • Beijing +10: Review of the Implementation of the Beijing Platform for action by European Union 1995-2005 (2005)

    This report focuses on reviewing the progress made by the European Union institutions in implementing the 12 areas of concern of the Beijing Platform for Action since 1995. Major changes have taken place at the global level as well as within the European Union during the reporting period which had an impact on European policies on equality between women and men. Those changes sometimes bring hope for women’s rights, but they also represent challenges and the Beijing+10 review process (...) Read more

  • Annual report 2004

    The Voice of Women in Europe
    One of the highlights of the year and a cause for celebration for EWL was the welcoming of six national co-ordinations from the new Member States and the Turkish national co-ordination into full membership. These new members bring fresh energy and new perspectives to our work and represent
    a combined strength, which we will call on in the near future to bring about more wide-ranging and quicker action for gender equality throughout (...) Read more

  • Annual report 2003

    As I look back on the achievements of the European Women’s Lobby in 2003, I am
    struck by the sheer dedication and determination of all of the members of EWL
    and of the Secretariat in moving forward the agenda of equality between women
    and men in Europe. During 2003 we extended our network to reach hundreds of
    women’s non-governmental organisations in the accession countries, welcoming
    three new national co-ordinations into membership of EWL from Hungary,
    Latvia, Bulgaria. We began a major (...) Read more

  • Gender Budgeting - An Overview by the EWL (2004)

    In all societies, access to resources, rights and power are still unequally distributed between women and men. In almost all areas of life, this unequal distribution of wealth, power and quality of life is more favourable to men than to women. Less than 2% of all land is owned by women, the average percentage of women in parliaments across the world is 14.5%, and women on average earn 73% of men’s hourly earnings for the same job with the same qualifications in the EU.
    All public policies (...) Read more


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