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  • How to join the EU bubble — Brussels careers by the numbers

    How to join the EU bubble — Brussels careers by the numbers

    POLITICO has compiled a unique dataset on the educational backgrounds of hundreds of senior figures in the EU bubble. Read our statement on the results indicating a clear lack of parity between women and men at the decision-making and leadership positions.
    Cornelius Hirsch, William Adkins and Arnau Busquets Guàrdia, 4 February 2021
    This article was originally published on POLITICO Europe.
    The average senior EU official is a 57-year-old man with at least two degrees, one of them in law. (...) Read more

  • Purple Pact now available in Portuguese!

    Purple Pact now available in Portuguese!

    [Brussels, 9 February 2021] Thanks to the work of our members, Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights., the EWL’s publication “Purple Pact: A feminist approach to the economy” is now available in Portuguese. Purple Pact the result of the EWL feminist economics working group and provides analysis and recommendations to rethink the current macro-economic system from a critical feminist perspective.
    The Purple Pact challenges the current macro-economic model founded on unsustainable growth, at (...) Read more

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