Campaigns against rape

Campaigns against rape

Not ever

Rape Crisis Scotland (NGO), UK

Rien ne devrait innocenter un violeur

rape / viol

CVCF, France

Viol : La honte doit changer de camp

Campagne contre le viol (NGO), France

Spot 1+2+3 "Campagne contre le viol" par campagne_contre_le_viol

End Violence Against Women

We are man (NGO), UK

Contre le Viol

Contre le Viol (NGO) France

Spot 1/3 "Campagne contre le viol" par campagne_contre_le_viol

Project unbreakable

Project Unbreakable, USA

No Consent + Sex = Rape

Devon and Cornwall police (Public Institution) UK

Pas de justice pas de paix

Pas de justice pas de paix, (NGO) France

france 70 0000 symbolic rape reports

Don’t cross the line

Hampshire Constabulary, Thames Valley police (Public Institution) UK

anything less than a yes is a no rape

“It’s always your fault”,

All India Bakchod, a group of comedians in India

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Loud and United to end violence against women and girls, European Women’s Lobby Conference, 6 December 2017, Brussels.

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