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Commission work program 2012 - all about growth

[Social Platform, Brussels, 16 November 2011] This week the Commission published its work programme for 2012. The headlines are "building a Europe of stability and responsibility", "building a union of sustainable growth and solidarity" and "giving the EU an effective voice in the wider world".

The CWP 2012 gives a multiannual overview which frames the Commission’s work and helps stakeholders and other EU institutions plan their work with the Commission. Some strategic initiatives may be carried over from the previous year.

Issues such as fundamental rights, equality and anti-discrimination are not mentioned at all. In the Annex you find the actions that the Commission is planning on taking.

Relevant for Fundamental Rights and Equality:

  • Point 35: child poverty
  • Point 61: EU strategy against trafficking in human beings
  • Point 95: Report on advancing Roma Integration
  • Point 99: European Accessibility Act
  • Point 103: Compensation of crime victims (legislative)

Relevant for Services of General Interest and Social Services:

  • Point 11: Council regulation on Strategic initiative in the field of substantive State aid rules
  • Point 17: European Consumer Agenda
  • Point 99: European Accessibility Act: improving accessibility of goods and services in the Internal Market

Relevant for Social Inclusion and Employment:

  • Point 28: Employment package: (1) Towards a jobs-rich recovery; (2) Specific Flexicurity package; (3) Reforming the European Employment Services EURES and its legal basis
  • Point 32: Protection of supplementary pension rights of people who change jobs
  • Point 35: child poverty

Transversal issues

  • Point 1: Annual Growth Survey 2013
  • Point 77: Towards a proposal on the Solidarity Clause

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