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EPP - Act now for her future, commit to gender equality?

In the framework of our 50/50 Campaign, No modern European Democracy without Gender Equality, the manifestos of the main European parties are assessed, in order to find out which commit themselves to gender equality and women’s rights. We particularly looked at their accordance with the demands of our manifesto for the coming European Parliament and for the European Union in general.

From the perspective of the European People’s Party, human rights only need to be in the center of the European development policy. The EPP primarily puts human rights into the context of external relations within the European development policy schemes. Unfortunately, this is also the case when it comes to women’s rights and gender equality: they do not play a role in the manifesto of the European People’s Party; women and discrimination are not mentioned once.

The manifesto does not consider gender equality and women’s rights as a priority, neither as an important objective ahead of the European elections, but does most notably concentrate on the creation of jobs and growth. The EWL believes however that without the promotion of women’s employment this goal cannot be reached. It is thus crucial to see women as a key group to promote economic growth, and to furthermore improve their rights, allowing them to participate on the same level as men in the society and the economy.

We ask the EPP to support us in the fight against violence against women, for parity democracy in the European Institutions and Member States, equal representation in political and economic decision-making and for women’s economic independence.

EPP’s top candidate Jean-Claude Junker, decided not to endorse the EWL’s manifesto.

How does the EPP’s manifesto compare to the EWL’s demands?



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