EWL AGORA 2023 Report

AGORA is an EWL programme that brings young feminists from all over Europe to Brussels for a 5-day gathering to discuss and explore feminism and learn from each other. It is open to young women aged between 18 and 30 who are keen to connect with other young feminists.

The 2023 version of AGORA took place from 4-8 September 2023. The theme was Violence Against Women and Girls. The objectives were to create a safe space for young feminist women to network and learn more about feminist topics. The dynamic and intense week was filled with various workshops and presentations by EWL. Key takeaways are the insightful discussions and the recommendations created by AGORA participants.

During the AGORA Feminist Summer Camp, participants collectively established six key objectives for the week. These included strengthening European women’s activism, fostering connections among diverse young feminists, and creating a creative platform for activism. The event also aimed to empower young feminist activists and explore the concepts of feminist leadership and power. Additionally, AGORA sought to enhance the European Women’s Lobby’s understanding of the interests, needs, and activities of young feminists, integrating them into future strategies.

Throughout the event, participants achieved significant milestones. They formed a robust network of feminists, embracing the diversity in nationality, gender identity, mobility, age, ethnicity, and knowledge among the group. AGORA provided a safe space for exchanging ideas, forging lasting connections, and building friendships. The program offered workshops and empowerment sessions that not only educated the participants on crucial topics like violence against women but also empowered them to take their activism to the next level. Meeting inspiring feminist leaders, including Barbara Hendricks and members of the European Parliament, motivated participants to envision their own potential as advocates for women’s rights. Moreover, AGORA successfully extracted vital perspectives from young feminists, generating a valuable list of recommendations that will inform future strategies and advocacy efforts.

Do you want to dive into the AGORA 2023 experience? Then download the complete report here!

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