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EWL in solidarity with all protesting in Poland against threats to access abortion

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[Brussels, Oct 2020] The European Women’s Lobby sends its solidarity and energy to all those maintaining protests against a recent Polish Constitutional Court ruling against abortions in cases of foetal abnormalities. The EWL calls on the Polish Government to ensure there are no restrictions to access to abortion and that all women have access to all reproductive services in a free, safe legal manner as soon as possible.

For years now, feminist activists have been organising to protect the already limited access to abortion services in Poland, as the conservative government has made attempts to restrict and prevent free, safe legal abortion access.

We recognise that criminalising abortion does not mean fewer abortions occur, it merely means that abortions happen in much more dangerous circumstances – putting the life of the woman at risk – unless she can afford to travel to another country to receive the necessary care she deserves.
The EWL is very concerned with the potential consequences of the latest ruling of the Constitutional Court. While abortion remains accessible in cases of risk to the life of the woman and in cases of rape, this does not reflect the reality of the need for abortions in a far wider array of cases and could amount to inhuman and degrading treatment of the woman.

We stand with our members in Poland and all women globally calling for free, safe, legal and local access to abortion and reproductive services, with no restrictions as to reason, recognising that full access to reproductive justice for all women and girls is a crucial part of a feminist Europe where all can live free from violence and oppression.

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