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EWL member elected to Social Platform Management Committee

(Brussels 26 April 2013) New President and Committee elected for Social Platform

The Social Platform is a a platform of European NGOs who work in the ’social’ realm. The annual General Assembly was held yesterday in Brussels and representatives from the 47 members unanimously elected Heather Roy as President of the largest European platform of social NGOs in Europe. A new management committee was also elected for the next two years taking effect from April 25, and EWL former President Brigitte Triems will be part of the seven person management committee.

“Externally our environment is possibly the most challenging in years. The democratic deficit apparent in economic governance is creating greater fragmentation and disengagement in our societies, giving rise to increasingly complex exclusion, discrimination and withdrawal from traditional forms of participation. It is more important than ever for Social Platform to represent the voice of the social sector and to engage with EU political actors on behalf of citizens and its members.” said Heather Roy.

Heather Roy will replace Conny Reuter, SOLIDAR Secretary General, who has occupied the position since 2006 and was re-elected for three successive mandates.

In more detail - the new board is comprised of the following persons.

  • Heather Roy is currently Secretary General of Social Platform member Eurodiaconia
  • Claire Roumet is currently Secretary General of Social Platform member CECODHAS Housing Europe
  • Rodolfo Cattani is currently Secretary of the Executive Committee of Social Platform member EDF, the European Disability Forum
  • Michel Mercadié is currently Honorary President of Social Platform member FEANTSA, the European Federation of National Organisations working with the Homeless
  • Jana Hainsworth is currently Secretary General Social Platform member Eurochild
  • Barbara Helfferich represents Social Platform member EAPN, the European Anti Poverty Network
  • Brigitte Triems represents Social Platform member EWL - European Women’s Lobby

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