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EWL to host second mentoring session of the European Political Mentoring Network

[Friday 05 July] Preparations are well underway for the Sunday kick-off of the second session of the European Political Mentoring Network capacity building session, to be held in Brussels. The four day gathering will bring together the 11 members of the program with their MEP mentors in Brussels, where they will attend our roundtable discussion on Wednesday in the European Parliament, launch their campaigning blog, increase their campaigning, communication and other skill sets and meet to exchange their experiences as they prepare for the long road ahead, that will end in May 2014.

The mentees will join the European Women’s Lobby (EWL), the 50/50 Campaign Core Group MEP’s and members of the European Political Mentoring Network to discuss practical resources and tools to make gender parity and diversity a reality in European decision-making.

The sessions with the mentees will focus on networking, messaging and communications, and will have a large segment with the individual MEPs who have committed to sharing the ’hidden rules’ of political life in Brussels with their mentees. Next week is the final committee week in the European Parliament before the summer recess, so the mentees will have ample opportunity to see the EP in full swing.

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