Expert group and press release in Ukraine to modify the legislation in accordance to the Istanbul Convention

Given the political situation in Ukraine, activities of the campaign were postponed from December 2013 to March- April 2014. As Ukraine signed the Convention in 2011, national activities were aimed to lobby ratification of the document. La Strada-Ukraine organized and coordinated an expert group on April 16 which included representatives of NGOs, independent experts of women’s rights and gender discrimination. The expert group developed the recommendations for improving the law and practice of Ukraine in accordance with the provisions of the Convention. The recommendations were addressed to each related authority with the concrete steps according with its duties. The recommendations were sent to the legislative, executive and judicial authorities of Ukraine.

Also, in order to draw public attention to the issue, a press event was organized on April 28. The press conference took place in the Maidan Press Center, the main resource of news devoted to new social and political changes in the country. 10 representatives of media participated in the event, also it was online broadcasted. The speakers were representative of the relative committee of the Ukrainian Parliament, representative of the Ministry of Social Policy, public known experts of gender discrimination. The focus was given on the news about upcoming entering into force of the Convention and importance of paying special attention to women rights protection in Ukraine while going through difficult times of conflicts.

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