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Finding Gender in the Crisis

(Brussels 05 April 2013) The Impact and the Way Forward in Europe. European Women’s Lobby Secretary General Cécile Gréboval is in Athens, participating in this feminist analysis of the crisis, at a conference organised by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the University of Paris I Sorbonne.

Since the financial crisis broke out in fall 2008 it has developed from a financial into an economic and public debt crisis, and almost every industrialized country currently suffers from these crises. Greed, testosterone and a system of failed incentives rewarding risky–supposedly male–behavior were widely discussed in the public as the reasons for this worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Would this crisis have happened if more women were in the driving seats of financial institutions and economic governance? This was one of the questions arising in this first phase of the financial meltdown, bringing gender aspects, however in a rather plain and shallow way, into the discussion.

Yet, quickly the gender aspects of the financial crisis moved out of the public and political focus. The gendered impacts of the policies that followed when the crisis developed into an economic and subsequently into a public debt crisis were even less discussed. While governments, especially in Europe, were quickly inclined to design economic stimulus programs for male jobs, the impact of social adjustment programs in the public sector, especially hard on women, were deemed inevitable and necessary.

Joining other experts, Cécile Greboval will be taking a closer look at Europe’s struggle with the crises and what it means to women and men in terms of employment and social policies

  • Dr. Angelica Salvi del Pero, Policy Analyst, Social Policy Division, OECD
  • Marilena Koppa, Member of the European Parliament (S&D-PASOK),S&D Coordinator for Security and Defence
  • Evelyn Astor, Policy Officer: Europe 2020, Social policies, Innovation and Governance Unit, DG EMPL, European Commission
  • Cécile Greboval, Secretary General, European Women‘s Lobby
  • Sarah King, Advisor, Gender equality, European Trade Union Confederation

The final agenda is available here -

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