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[Brussels 23 November 2016] 2 weeks ago, the US was on the verge of shattering the world’s largest glass ceiling with the election of it’s first female President. Instead, an openly misogynistic and racist white man was elected, threatening to halt and reverse women’s rights nationally and globally.

The US now joins Britain and a growing number of European countries in embracing and promoting dangerous alt-right nationalism. Women’s rights are under threat. Our very lives are at risk.

The glass ceiling is about so much more than simply getting a woman into office... it is about having a woman in power who will protect and defends women’s rights, and the rights of vulnerable people.

For 25 years, the European Women’s Lobby has been a vanguard for gender equality in Europe and beyond. Today, we need your help to ensure that we can give extra attention to promoting inclusive female leadership in the EU, while supporting our sisters in the US and beyond who are working to do the same thing.

In a few weeks, for example, we are bringing 20 of the leading American activists working to get progressive women into political leadership, to Brussels, to meet the top European women doing the same thing here.

It’s projects and programmes like this which will help ensure we shatter glass ceilings around the world.

Will you help ensure that we can keep fighting?

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