Hearing 9 December, Paris: "Access to Justice for Women Victims of Violence"

Hearing on Access to Justice for Women Victims of Violence, of the Council of Europe Gender Equality Commission organised in partnership with the French Ministry of Women’s Rights

Paris, France, 9 December 2013

Access to justice is a human right and an integral element of promoting the rule of law.

Access to suitable and effective judicial remedies is critical to combating violence against women, one of the worst forms of discrimination against women and a serious violation of human rights.

Women victims of violence should be able to turn to their national legal system for adequate remedies against the perpetrators.

The aims of the Hearing are to:

Raise awareness of the barriers faced by women victims of violence to access justice and discuss the challenges posed by such barriers in achieving equal access to justice;

Gather information on the situation in member states and exchange good practices to promote equal access to justice for women victims of violence and effective strategies to combat gender stereotypes in the judiciary;

Encourage a sensitive approach to women victims of violence among legal professionals and law enforcement agents;

Promote existing standards, including the Istanbul Convention, to ensure access to justice for women victims of violence;

Facilitate partnerships and networks among government officials, legal professionals and civil society.

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