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Prostitution is first and foremost a question of human rights standards: it is a question of whether we want to live in a world where the human body can be commoditised or whether we want to implement the human right to freedom from body and sex commercialisation. The EWL considers that prostitution is a violation of the fundamental human right to dignity, and perpetrates the domination of men over women through the use of money. Being in prostitution leads in itself to a situation of violence; many women face male violence in prostitution, be it sexual abuse, beating, economic violence, psychological threats, etc. The EWL denounces violence against women in prostitution, but also the system of prostitution itself as a form of violence against women, still tolerated in our societies.

The political demands of EWL are based on a series of knowledge, expertise and ground experience which you can discover here.

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EWL event "Progress towards a Europe free from all forms of male violence" to mark the 10th aniversary of the Istanbul Convention, 12 May 2021.

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