Intergenerational Solidarity: The Way Forward (2010)

In April 2008, supporting the suggestion made by this
coalition1, the Slovenian Presidency of the European
Union announced that it was proposing to declare
29 April European Day of solidarity and cooperation
between generations. The first EU Day was offi cially
launched on 29 April 2009.

Intergenerational Solidarity 2010

To mark the second European Day and as a
contribution to the 2010 European Year against
Poverty and Social Exclusion, the coalition decided
to publish a joint brochure to demonstrate the
relevance of intergenerational solidarity in different
policy frameworks and provide recommendations on
how greater solidarity between generations can be
promoted in various policy areas to help provide an
environment where the contribution of everyone is
valued and everyone is empowered to play a part.
With this joint brochure we wish to launch a debate
on the impact of demographic change in today’s
context of global recession and the urgent need to
develop fair and sustainable solutions to ensure the
well being of all in the long term.

Please click on the image to download the report.

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