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’Let’s go to work’ book of NeuJobs lacks gender perspective

[Brussels, 8 September 2014] “Let’s go to work” is the title of the book, the first of two, which was launched on 8 September 2014 by the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) a think-tank based in Brussels. The book is the outcome of a four year project entitled, NeuJobs - funded by the European Commission under the 7th Research and Development Programme - looked at future developments of the labour market in the European Union. It summarises the findings of the project as well as the over 100 research papers on different themes produced by researchers throughout Europe.

Describing the ‘megatrends’ of the future in a broad socio-ecological framework, the first book, (the second is scheduled for early 2015) focuses on future skills, demand and supply in the labour market, convergence among member states, state policy frameworks and roles, labour market institutions, quality and security in future jobs. For example, the issue of skills raised the debate on whether the concepts ‘high’ skills versus ‘low’ skills will be appropriate in the future as workers will be more likely be multitasking, which women already do. However, the issue of pay or the value given to skills was not raised in this context.

The second book, which will look at the effects of transition on different groups in society, explicitly naming women - who represent half of humanity - means that the analysis doesn’t bring the gender dimension in contemporary and future labour market megatrends as fundamental drivers of transition. This is where it fails. The analysis, forecasts and recommendations are completely gender blind.
One of the speakers pointed out that a real paradigm shift requires a different definition of ‘growth’, one that is inclusive, requiring public investments to meet increasing societal needs, particularly care. The future demands robust public institutions that can cope with change, build trust, and invest to meet the challenges of a changing socio-economic and demographic landscape in Europe – and beyond.

Link to download the book here

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