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MEPs demand more action against prostitution at sports events

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2012 05 30 euronews red card to prostitution for web

MEPs have called for more to be done to prevent prostitution at big sporting events. Many in the European Parliament are concerned the issue isn’t been taken seriously enough ahead of the Euro 2012 Football Championships in Poland and Ukraine and the London Olympics this summer. Anti-prostitution campaigners say that major tournaments are often coupled with a surge in sex trafficking.

‘‘A sports event normally attracts a lot of men to the same place so I think the sex industry takes this as an opportunity to sell sex during these sports events,’‘ said European United Left MEP, Mikael Gustafsson.

Those calling for change have said national authorities hosting events should distribute welcome packs, among other things, to encourage visitors not to pay for sex.

MEPs also called on the European Commission to include prostitution in its forthcoming campaign to end violence against women.

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