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The doors to the first ever “Women’s history museum” opened this weekend in the small town; Umeå, north of Sweden. The slogan says “We are breaking the silence” for “new perspectives of the history, presence and future”.

“When searching for women in history, there are huge gaps, blank pages or an echoing silence.” The women’s history museum was founded because women is and historically have been under-represented in the historiography.

Historically women have been excluded from societal and decision- making arenas – which conclusively have led to women inventing less “important” things, gone on less discovery voyages, painted less famous paintings and written less books. Evidently there are women that have occurred in history but in general the achievements of women has been undervalued and seen as less interesting and therefore less necessary to preserve and not told about.

The women’s rights organisation “Dea”, a member of the Swedish Women’s lobby has, for 20 years been advocating for a “Female history museum” and the president Maria Perstedt held a proud speech at the opening ceremony.

It’s open Tuesdays to Sundays and always free entrance.

Website of the Kvinnohistoriskt museum

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