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The newest member of the EWL: Serbian Network for the European Women’s Lobby

(01 June 2013) At the EWL’s general assembly in Zagreb last week, the newest member of the EWL lobby group was welcomed with a unanimous vote from the delegates. This photo captures the precise moment when the members voted to bring our membership to 31 countries.

About Mzreza za Evropski Zenski Lobi, Serbia:
Founded in 2009 the Network for the European Women’s Lobby Serbia is a network of women’s organizations that brings 19 different organisations together, who represent the diversity of women in Serbia, encompassing organisations working on women’s peace, the rights of Lesbians, Roma women, women with disabilities, and with areas of interest that cover all of the regions in Serbia. All members of the Network have the same status within the organisation, making it highly participative, transparent and inclusive in the manner in which it conducts its work.

Here is Milica Mirazic presenting the Serbian network at the EWL GA. ewl ga 2013 352 mreza za evropski

The network aims to promote women’s human rights at individual, legislative and institutional level and any resistance to any form of discrimination against women within both the private and public sphere.

You can follow and support their work on their Facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/mrezaewl and on their website: http://mrezaewl.org/
mreza za ewl

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