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Women and unions deplore two year delay on maternity directive

Brussels, 30/11/2012 (Agence Europe) - The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) and European unions want to reinvigorate the file on the revision of the Pregnant Workers’ Directive (92/85/EEC), which has lain dormant at the Council for the last two years and which focuses on the very controversial issue of paid maternity leave. Indeed, since its adoption in first reading at the European Parliament, the Council has never followed up this proposal. The refusal to adopt a strong directive on maternity is sending a negative message to society, EWL and the European Trade union Confederation (ETUC) say to the heads of state and government in a letter on 27 November. The associations call for the next EPSCO Council on 7 December to put the revision of the Pregnant Workers’ Directive back on the agenda and to reach an agreement on this proposal (see other article).
The reason for the blockage lies mainly in the possibility of introducing full salary payment during maternity leave. EWL and the ETUC give assurances that this payment at 100% would allow mothers to continue paying taxes and their social security contributions - thus serving the interest of the public budget. The revision of the Pregnant Workers’ Directive should also protect pregnant women from being made redundant for at least 6 months. (MD/transl.fl)

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