Annual report 2003

EWL Annual report 2003 EN

As I look back on the achievements of the European Women’s Lobby in 2003, I am
struck by the sheer dedication and determination of all of the members of EWL
and of the Secretariat in moving forward the agenda of equality between women
and men in Europe. During 2003 we extended our network to reach hundreds of
women’s non-governmental organisations in the accession countries, welcoming
three new national co-ordinations into membership of EWL from Hungary,
Latvia, Bulgaria. We began a major campaign for parity democracy – the equal
representation of women and men in political decision-making – in the selection of
candidates for election to the European Parliament. As part of our commitment to
combating violence against women. Two new National Observatories on Violence
Against Women were launched in Greece and in France. At the same time we have
worked alongside our NGO colleagues in the Platform of Social NGOs and in the
Civil Society Contact Group, to enhance the process of civil dialogue in the EU.

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