European Women’s Voice - Her Future: Intergenerational solidarity from a gender equality perspective (April 2012)

We are proud to share with you the Spring 2012 edition of the EWL’s magazine European Women’s Voice! This issue is dedicated to discussing intergenerational solidarity from a gender equality perspective and it is the EWL’s contribution to the ongoing European Year on Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations.

Until now, gender equality issues have not been at the core of the European debate on active ageing and solidarity between generations. The third edition of the European Women’s Voice, entitled ‘Her Future – Intergenerational solidarity from a gender equality perspective’, fills this gap and outlines a life-cycle approach to women’s rights and gender equality.

The articles of this edition of European Women’s Voice invite us to look at a range of gender equality issues from care to pay and pensions from a life-cycle perspective, with the aim of understanding and improving the situation of women at all stages of their lives. The publication also provides a stimulus for discussions on how women’s organisations can turn generational differences into a source of energy and new vision.

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For more information and to order printed copies, contact the EWL Communications and Media Officer Leanda Barrington-Leach ( / (+32) 02/210 04 27).

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