Strengthening Women’s Rights in a Multicultural Europe (2001)

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The issue of racism and gender discrimination is a priority in the EWL’s work for
2001, as we believe that within the overall fight against racism, there is a need
for targeted and specific measures for women. The UN World Conference Against
Racism (WCAR), which will be held in South Africa in September 2001, gives rise
to important discussions and debates, in which the EWL has a key role to play
to ensure that the gender dimension is included in the discussions and that
actions are taken at all levels. It is vital that political leaders and the NGO community
are fully aware of the particular nature of racism faced by women.

The aim of this paper is to identify the main forms of racism experienced by
women in the European Union and to formulate recommendations accordingly.

The EWL would like to stress that, even though we all belong to one
Human Race, it is necessary to acknowledge the diversity among people and
the resulting prejudices, discriminations and racism.

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