The Links Between Prostitution and Sex Trafficking. A Briefing Handbook (2006)

The handbook may be used as a resource for writing, for education,
for work with women and men who wish to combat trafficking and to curb the growth of the sex industry, whether
locally or globally. It can also be used as an information resource for those dealing with media – many of whom fail to focus on the essential ‘ demand ’ factor, preferring instead to keep their gaze on the woman in prostitution or provide a partisan voice for those who promote the alleged “ right to prostitute ” and romanticize prostitution as “ sex work,” in essence defending the vested interests of the sex industry.

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This handbook contains quotations and references, ideas and research on prostitution and trafficking, while also helping to give a voice to those who have survived sexual abuse and exploitation. It is laid out in sections that include an introduction or statement of position, followed by bullet
points that capture succinct evidence or research and comments relevant to that section. Each part of the handbook
can therefore be referred to, as specific issues arise for project promoters and those working on the ground or at policy level to combat prostitution and sex trafficking. Full references for all quotations used are to be found in the bibliography.

The handbook also presents a short list and summary of relevant international human rights mechanisms and European
reports and political statements that may be useful when seeking to promote the safety of women and combat trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Click on the image to download the full publication in English. The report also exists in French, Spanish and Italian.

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