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    In this section, read more about: ’Together for a Europe free from prostitution’ EWL campaign material EWL values and abolitionist principles EWL political demands European and national EWL members involved The policy-makers who support us Partners at national and international level
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    The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) has for years been committed to working towards a Europe free from prostitution, by supporting key abolitionist principles which state that the prostitution of women and girls constitutes a fundamental violation of women’s human rights, a serious form of male violence against women, and a key obstacle to equality between women and men in our societies.
    For the EWL, prostitution is first and foremost a question of human rights standards: it is a question of (...) Read more

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Loud and United to end violence against women and girls, European Women’s Lobby Conference, 6 December 2017, Brussels.

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