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The Seven Feminist Challenges of the Olympic Games

[Paris, French Coordination for the European Women’s Lobby, 23 June 2015] On the eve of the 2016 Rio Olympics and while Paris is announcing its candidacy for the 2024 Olympics, the League of International Rights of Women and the French Coordination for the European Women’s Lobby, want to remind you that the Olympic Games are not a simple sports event like so many others, as Jacques Rogge, former President of the International Olympic Committee, has stressed.

The Olympic Games are a specific event during which only one law applies: the Olympic Charter with its Universal values that go beyond nationalities, cultures and religions. To this end, Rule N° 50 prohibits any form of political or religious demonstration in the framework of these Games. Similarly, the Olympic Charter makes it compulsory to “apply the principle of equality between men and women” (Chapter I).

For this reason, we insist that the seven following conditions be fulfilled Parity in decision-making bodies; (2) parity in the number of athletes and of women’s and men’s sporting events; (3) the same recognition by the IOC President for the women’s and men’s Marathon; (4) punishment for those countries that practice sexist segregation in sports; (5) Respect for the rule of neutrality in sports; (6) rejection of all discrimination based on sexist stereotypes; (7) Relinquishing definitively “tests of femininity”.

To be clear and more attractive, we produced a leaflet explaining these 7 challenges Available at:

The candidacy of Paris has no meaning for us unless it proves itself to be up to this challenge.

Déléguée au Lobby Européen des Femmes
Coordination Française pour le Lobby Européen des Femmes (CLEF)

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